We are the top consultants for any Crypto Currency project that wants to do promotion in Japan.

We provide total support for any project that wants to enter the Japanese market.
With our professional community management and translation services, we will help your project to become successful in Japan.


Whitepaper, Website, ANN thread and any other project documentation.

Community Management

Announce the progress of the project on SNS; Telegram, Discord or Twitter in addition to answering community questions.

PR & Marketing

We will create Press Releases and Web-based media to draw more attention to your project.

Support for Japan-Based Conferences

Perform all the logistical necessities for a meeting in Japan including venue booking, catering and interpretor support.


We can provide innovative and cost effective promotional gifts for your meetings and events.


Kyoto , Osaka , Tokyo
MBA from Kyoto University. Involved in business since he was a youth, Shodai will be taking over his family's business upon retirement of the current CEO. His business experience has helped many ICO's successfully promote in Japan. Follows the code of Bushi-do, a true Financial Samurai.
Supported projects:Pundi X,Experty,Rebellious, Pumapay, Tokenpay etc

  • hojojon
    An early crypto-supporter. Has helped more projects than anyone else in the space. At one point, hojojon performed translation and community support for 20 crypto projects simultaneously.
    Supported Projects:Pundi X,Bancor,BANKEX,PumaPay etc

  • zaq130
    A fantastic translator and interpretor, particularly with respect to ICO's. His interpretion skills are highly sought after and has become one of the key people for accurate marketing in Japan.
    Supported Projects:Pundi X,WePower,INS ecosystem etc

  • nanna
    Saitama , Tokyo
    CTO with a wide range of experience and knowledge essential to successful marketing in Japan. He has extensive experience in logistics; store and restaurant operations. Experience in Video, Finance and Game Content Creation and has worked in IT for many years in roles ranging from Technical Writer to Server Engineer for both the Adult and Cartoon Industry. Is one of the Core Developers for NEETCOIN.